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Degating Wedge

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Weijing can provide different breaking solutions for iron foundries to break risers, runners, exothermic sleeves. No matter degating on the ground or on the waist-height conveyor belts. 
Weijing Unique Vertical Wedge:
Unique Structure of central wedge makes the vertical breaking castings availalble and makes the degating quicker than horizontal wedge as no time is wasted to adjust casting's position for the right angle to insert. 
No matter you degate castings on the conveyor belts at around waist height or on the ground directly, we can provide the suitable vertical wedge breaker to you. 
Weijing Runner Cutter: 
It is an ideal tool for iron foundries to shear the runners before putting back into furnace again. 
No matter which kind SG iron casting runner, all can be sheared if the size is not bigger than 60 mm. 
Weijing Exothermic Sleeve Breaker: 
It is an ideal tool to remove exothermic sleeve without any suppoting points needed.
Easy, quick, ergonomic. 
Weijing Breakers, Who Uses, Who Loves!
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Please email to roc.hang@weijingsz.com for more details. 

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