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Weijing National Day Holiday Notice
Release time:
6hours ago
Weijing will be closed from 1st, Oct to 8th for Chinese National Day Holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival, and will be back to normal on 9th, Oct.
Weijing Weekly News
Release time:
2 days ago
Weijing received 1 order for Degating Hammer, 3 orders for Wedge Breaker and Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Award, and delivered 3 set Wedge Breaker, 3 sets Air Hammer, 3 sets Auto Pouring Machine, and had a wonderful dinner with all Weijing employees for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day in advance last Friday Evening.
Congratulate Weijing on winning Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Award
Thanks to Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Association for awarding Suzhou Weijing as Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise.
Weijing Weekly News
Release time:
2020-09-21 10:49
Two old foundry customers ordered 3 sets Weijing Degating Wedge Breaker in past one week.
Thanks to Foundry Planet B2B Portal For Introducing Weijing Degating Hammer QC499 On Their First Page Today
Weijing Degating Hammer / Pneumatic Cannon QC499 is introduced by Foundry Planet B2B Platform today on their first page.
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