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Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 8th, 2021
Release time:
2021-03-01 13:33
Last week, we delivered 3 sets Degating Hammer. One set (QC295) was to one Chinese foundry, 2 sets (QC85 & QC155) were to India. This set QC295 hammer is the 100th set Air Hammer Weijing provided to the foundries. Weijing wants to take this opportunity to thank all the foundries who chose Weijing in the past for their trust. Your choosing gave the chance to Weijing to prove Weijing Hammer is great and helped Weijing become to the market leader of Degating Hammer in China. Casting Degating Hammer, Only Choose Weijing.
Weijing Monthly Birthday Party Feb, 2021
Release time:
2021-02-26 16:59
Weijing birthday party and Lantern Festival party
The 100th Set Weijing Degating Hammer Delivered to the foundry on Feb 24th, 2021
The 100th set Weijing Degating Hammer was delivered to the foundry customer on Feb 24, 2021.
Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 4, 2021
Release time:
2021-02-02 09:19
Weijing delivered 2 sets Degating Hammer and one set Fan-shaped Pouring Machine in week 4th, 2021
Thanks to German Foundry Planet for Introducing Weijing Hammer for Third Time
German Foundry Planet reported Weijing Degating Hammer was chosen by one major windmill casting maker, Himile Foundry for the third tiime
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