Why You Need Weijing Runner Cutter?

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Why You Need Weijing Runner Cutter?

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As we know, during the casting production, there are many runners at castings. How to break it into small pieces before putting into furnace for saving more space and cost? It is a big headache of many castings makers in China since the furnace space inside is very limited and industrial electricity cost is expensive. 


As we know, there are some ways to break the runners into small pieces in the market. 

Some foundries arrange a special worker to hammer the runners at a special area. Special worker, special area means the expensive cost. And hammering is a heavy duty work, it is becoming much harder to find the right people to do it in future. And hammering means low modernizing. 

Some foundries uses flame cutting or cutting machine to handle the runners. As we all know, flame cutting is dangerous, and it should be done at hazardous area. And cutting wheel replacement is quite expensive. 

Crushing machine is chosen by some foundries. Big machine needs big space, big investment. 


How to invest less and improve the efficiency and safety of runner breaking? As the leader of  Degating Equipment in China, Weijing thinks we should do some valuable things for the foundries for this problem. Through talking with many site workers of foundries, after a few months discussing, analyzing and designing, until the Runner Cutting came into Weijing engineer's mind. After prototype is ready, it was sent to foundries to test. Fortunately the foundry workers love it since Weijing Runner Cutter has these features: flexible to operate, big opening to cut big size runner, cutting during the degating, no special space needed. 

Why Weijing Runner Cutter has these features? Because Weijing Runner Cutter can insert at different angles to cut the runner directly, don't need to choose some special angel. And the cutter can open bigger for big size runners to close. 

Is it really great as the description above? Please check the video linked. One picture is more than 10K words, one video should more than 1k pictures.