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Weijing Weekly News

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What happened in Weijing past one week? Too many things, quite busy.


Weijing received 1 order for Degating Hammer, 3 orders for Wedge Breaker and Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Award, and delivered 3 set Wedge Breaker, 3 sets Air Hammer, 3 sets Auto Pouring Machine, and had a wonderful dinner with all Weijing employees for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day in advance last Friday Evening.


Order Received

Shangdong Hongma Foundry ordered one set GT40-WL Foundry Wedge Breaker on Sep 20. It is their second time to choose Weijing Degating Machine. They purchased 2 sets GT55-FL Feeder Breaker in July in 2017.


Fuzhou Liuho Foundry ordered one set Riser Breaker with 30T capacity on Sep 21st. It is their fifth time to order Weijing Degating equipment. Plus purchasing quantity before, it will be the 10th set ( 6 sets in 2017, 1 set in 2018, 2 sets in Jan, 2020).


Anhui Yuwang Foundry ordered one set GT55-FL Degating Wedge on Sep 23. It is the 4th time for them to choose Weijing products. Adding 4 sets before, it will be 5th set ( 2 sets in 2017, 1 set in 2019, 1 set in July, 2020).


Lanxi Chengzhu Foundry ordered one set QC195 Pneumatic Hammer on Sep 22, 2020.


Goods Delivered

2020-09-21, 1 set Wedge Breaker and 1 set Auto Pouring Machine to Shuyang Kimberley Foundry; 2 sets Auto Pouring Machine to Xuancheng Chuangxi Foundry.

2020-09-22, 1 set QC295P Air Cannon to Yinzhou Jingzhu Foundry, 1 set Degating Wedge to Wuxi Best Foundry.

2020-09-25, 1 set Wedge Breaker to Shandong Hongma Foundry;

2020-09-27, 1 set QC195 Pneumatic Cannon to Lanxi Chengzhu Foundry, 1 set QC295 to Shanli New Material Foundry.

Note: Swapping Sep 27 for one working day of coming China National Day Holiday from Oct 1st to 8th.


Thanks again to all customers of Weijing, no matter first time or multiple time purchasing, for choosing Weijing and for your trust.


Thanks to Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Association for awarding Suzhou Weijing as Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise. Weijing will continue to invest on advanced technology research and development of Foundry machine for realizing Weijing's mission - Providing the most suitable machine to the foundries.


Thanks to all Weijing employees for your effort and contribution. Without your strong support, we couldn't make it.


Well done and let us start a new week again.