WEIJING Auto Pouring Machine Features And Reference

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WEIJING Auto Pouring Machine Features And Reference

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Until today, WEIJING Auto Pouring Machine has been ordered by 18 Foundries.
Especially in 2020, there are 6 foundries ordered Auto Pouring Machine from WEIJING.
(20 sets Auto Pouring Machine were ordered in total, because YongAn and Chuangxi foundries ordered 2 sets once time)
Comparing to before, 2020 is definitely excellent.But comparing to Chinese market, it is tiny.
Yes, it is a new start of WEIJING in Casting Auto Pouring Machine Business. 
Thanks to these 18 foundries for choosing WEIJING Auto Pouring Machine bravely.
You are the brave and smart investors for having the more competitive future.
Since you find out the values you want from WEIJING Pouring Machines features below.
1, Avoiding unstable quality casting caused by non-continuous manual pouring, better quality controlling;
2, Stream inoculation integration for making sure better & stable quality of castings;
3, Save labor cost, reduce workload, increase the success rate of recruitment;
No matter you have horizontal molding lines or vertical molding lines, WEIJING has the much suitable pouring solution for you!
And the capacity of Auto Pouring Machine can reach 1000KG from 400KG.
Welcome to watching real application video on WEIJING website. 
Auto Pouring Machine, Why Not WEIJING?