Do you know what is happening in Chinese Foundries now?

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Do you know what is happening in Chinese Foundries now?

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Good day Foundry man, 
Today I would like to share what is happening in Chinese foundries with you. 
Many people in other countries could think Chinese foundries only focus on cost saving.
But in fact, more and more foundry owners in China already began to think about how to invest for future, especially this change is very obvious in 2020. 
Through talking with them, we are surprised to find these reasons below. Today I would like to share with you. Maybe you will face the similar situation soon in future. 
Let us take Degating Machine investment as an example. More and more foundries change to Degating Hammer or Foundry Wedge Breaker in recent years. 
The reasons they give us are: 
1, If the current Degating worker takes a leave, how could we find another experienced replacement in such short time? You know, foundry production couldn't stop for this reason. It is uncontrollable in daily running. 
2, Why can't you train another experienced Degating worker as the back-up? Actually it is quite hard to let young people choose to do such heavy labor work, even if you can pay much more. 
3, Casting buyers always worry about any possible invisible damages on the castings they order if they find manual hammering in your foundry, even if they couldn't tell you directly sometimes. But their behavior will tell you soon. 
4, Degating efficiency is obviously improved and stable. Save my much more energy and time from dealing with such nonvalue-added degating problems. Those energy and time could be spent on other value-added work. It is predictable and controllable. 
So just investing a bit at beginning, but could avoid much uncontrollable problems and get much better controllable performance in future. It is a great deal! 
Are you facing such similar situations? If so, maybe you should consider it for better future in advance. 
Thanks for reading and have a nice day. 
Casting Degating Hammer, Why Not WEIJING?