Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 3, 2021

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Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 3, 2021

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Last week, we delivered 3 sets Degating Wedge and 1 set Fan-shaped Pouring Machine.


3 sets Degating Wedge include 2 sets GT-WL type foundry wedge, 1 set GT-FL Type foundry wedge.


Weijing GT-WL type wedge is quite suitable for degating castings vertically on waist height conveyor, GT-FL type wedge is quite suitable to degate castings vertically on the ground or on the ground conveyor.


No matter which one of these two types wedge, since there are no central wedge protrudes during the degating process, so they are loved by degating workers, because they don't waste time to move castings for finding the suitable angle to insert wedge.


Weijing wedge, who uses, who loves.