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Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 3, 2021
Weijing delivered 2 sets GT-WL type foundry wedge, 1 set GT-FL Type foundry wedge, 1 set Fan-shaped Pouring Machine in past one week.
First Set Weijing Runner Cutter Commissioned in 2021
Yesterday we installed and commissoned the first set Weijing Runner Cutter / Runner Shearer in 2021 for Shengyuan Foundry in Sichuang. Quite easy, convenient, high efficient for workers to do their job! Shengyuan Foundry is happy with Weijing Machine.  Thanks to Shengyuan Foundry for choosing Weijing.  Iron casting runner breaking, should choose Weijing Runner Cutter.
Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 2, 2021
Release time:
2021-01-18 10:40
We delivered 1 set Runner Cutter and 5 sets Degating Wedge Breaker in past one week. Weijing Runner Cutter is an ideal equipment to break runners into pieces before putting the furnace for improving the breaking and melting efficiency. After it was launched a few month ago, many old foundry customers send the inquiry to Weijing. Thank you for always trusting Weijing.
Weijing Weekly Delivery News - Week 1 2021
Release time:
2021-01-12 10:41
Weijing delivered 1 set QC155 Pneumatic Hammer to Haitian Foundry, one set Foundry wedge to Ruixi Foundry and two sets Degating Wedge Breaker to Chuangxi Foundry.
Weijing Sales Performance in 2020
Release time:
2021-01-12 10:15
Weijing delivered 5 sets Auto Grinding Machine, 12 sets Fan-shaped Pouring Machine, 21 sets Pneumatic Hammer and 88 sets Degating Wedge Breaker in 2020.
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