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Suzhou Weijing Automation Co., Ltd
No.156, Xinyang Avenue, Chuangjin Industrial Park, Changshu, Suzhou
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Weijing Introduction

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Suzhou Weijing Automation Co., Ltd
established in 2008, is a Chinese professional manufacturer dedicated to provide the most appropriate equipment, service and solutions with great quality to the global foundries. 
Casting Degating Machines: Degating Wedge Breakers, Degating Hammers;
Modern Casting Solutions: Automatic Grinding Machines, Automatic Pouring Systems, Automatic Molten Iron Handling Systems and other customized equipment. 
Providing the most suitable degating machines to the foundry worldwide with great quality and excellent experience.
Positive action, honest communicating, high efficient collaboration.
Weijing has already supplied more than 630 sets tools to near 300 foundries worldwide from 2008 to now. 
Providing The Most Suitable Degating Machines To You!